Her love for the natural world inspires her to paint life in its finest detail.  

Watercolours were the preferred medium in the earlier years due to the detail that could be achieved. However, graphite pencil and Alkyd paint (fast drying oils) have become the medium of choice as they enable more contrast in colour and light.

Karen prepares a Gesso finish on board creating a smooth surface to work on. Careful time is spent drawing the composition before the painting begins. She enjoys the use of minimal paint as it ensures more control; her favourite brush to achieve this is the Finest Sable 000. The completion of a painting may take anywhere from six to twelve weeks.

Karen works from observation, sketches and her own photographs. While birds are her main subject matter, she also paints still life, rustic country, scenery and her daughters.

Along with her husband and two girls, Karen lives in the natural surroundings she grew up in. She works from her home studio, Bluegum Gallery, which is open for public viewing - 67 Rockview Rd, Westwood, Dunedin or call 027-4811864.

Karen Baddock

Karen is a New Zealand artist, born in Dunedin in 1964, who grew up drawing and painting in the natural surroundings of her family farm.

After nine years of working as a graphic artist, Karen ventured into self-employment where she has spent the past twenty-six years working on oil paintings and producing and marketing limited edition prints and cards.

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